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Our Background

Who Are These Jerks?

The story of the Kahoohoo family dates back centuries. The very first Kahoohoo, Jeremiah, swam to their native land and the people there loved his swanky beard and baseball cap. He met great great great grandma Kahoohoo and that's when the magic happened. Jeremiah showed the natives how to make beard oil so they could have an amazing beard like Jeremiah. Triple great grandma Kahoohoo, AnnaBelle, showed her girls how to make pasta sauce. Every year, they had a big pasta dinner and everyone in the village was invited. They would eat for seven days. During this time, Jeremiah started making his famous jerky. All the villagers would bring their meat to Jeremiah and he would slice it up and make jerky for them all. He always said, "We'll make jerky for any jerk." That's how Jeremiah was. He liked to see a nice beard and a full belly. That's how we still live today. Our founder, Johnny Kahoohoo, strives to keep that same love of beards and full bellies his ancestors had.

If you stuck around this long, everything above is a lie. We just love our beards, Jerky, and our pasta sauce here at J.Kahoohoo Brand. So will you.

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Various Products

Pasta Sauce & Hot Sauce

We offer beard oil, pasta sauce, meat hot sauce, jerky, and more in development. You'll love it all.

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